dry skin

Causes of dry skin and how to treat it

Dry skin can make many women feel uncomfortable. Don't worry, Katz Beauty will help you solve this problem, find out right away in this article.

1. Symptoms of dry skin

dry skinSymptoms of dry skin

Dry skin can occur in both men and women. This problem not only appears on the face but also on many areas of the skin on the body and when you touch this area of skin, you will feel rough, bumpy, and not smooth. Even, it can peel off into patches of skin causing bleeding and pain that is very uncomfortable.

2. Causes of dry skin

dry skin
Causes of dry skin

Here are some of the causes of dry skin:

  • Due to the innate constitution of each person
  • Due to changes in weather
  • Due to age
  • Due to taking medications
  • Due to not supplementing the necessary nutrients for the body
  • Due to using poor quality, unknown origin cosmetics

3. Effective home remedies for dry skin

Here are some ways to help treat dry skin at home, you can refer to it:

3.1. Exfoliate properly

dry skin
Exfoliate properly

Exfoliating will help remove dirt and grime deep within the pores. From there, skin care and use of skin care products will be more effective. You should also not use too much, but should only exfoliate 1-2 times/week and after exfoliating, use moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.

3.2. Use a mist

dry skin
Use a mist

Using moisturizing mist will help effectively hydrate and moisturize the skin. Please choose mist products with clear brand and origin to bring effective use.

3.3. A reasonable diet

dry skin
A reasonable diet

You need to have a reasonable diet by providing plenty of foods rich in vitamins A, C, E, magnesium, legumes, etc. This both helps your skin stay healthy and protects your health.

I hope with the above sharing, you will have useful information about this topic. Follow the next articles of Katz Beauty to have interesting beauty knowledge!


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