dark circles under eyes

Effective dark circles under eyes removal tips you may not know

Dark circles under eyes are one of the problems that affect the beauty of our eyes. So how to remove these dark circles, let's learn right away to have the most useful tips!

1. Causes of dark circles under eyes

There are many causes of dark circles under eyes, including:

  • Due to staying up late, lack of sleep: You often stay up late to study, work, and do not get enough sleep. These conditions will last for a long time, causing dark circles to appear.
  • Due to genetic factors: Some people have dark circles under eyes from a young age due to heredity from their parents, the skin under the eyes is thin, and many small blood vessels appear,...
  • Due to environmental factors: Because you often go out in the sun a lot, are exposed to direct sunlight but do not use protective and skin care measures for the eye area.
  • Due to an unhealthy diet: If you drink less water, your body will not be provided with enough water, causing the blood vessels under the eyes to swell, leading to eye bags and dark circles under eyes.
  • Due to aging: The older you get, the more obvious dark circles under eyes  will appear due to collagen deficiency.
  • Due to medical conditions: Prolonged dark circles under eyes can be a sign of many medical conditions such as allergic rhinitis, kidney disease, hormonal imbalances, irregular menstruation, liver disease, anemia,...
dark circles under eyes
There are many causes of dark circles under eyes

2. Tips to remove dark circles under eyes

Here are some tips to remove dark circles under eyes that you can refer to:

2.1. Use eye cream

dark circles under eyes
Use eye cream

Using eye cream is a simple and quick measure, you can use it daily to protect the skin around your eyes. Eye creams contain active ingredients such as: vitamin C, vitamin K, retinol, caffeine,... to help brighten skin, reduce swelling, stimulate blood circulation and prevent dark circles under eyes from recurring.

However, when choosing an eye cream, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Choose eye cream with clear origin and origin and have a certificate from the health authority.
  • Carefully read the ingredients in the cream before using it to avoid allergies to the ingredients in the cream.
  • Apply the cream gently, do not pull or massage the eye area.

2.2. Use natural methods

dark circles under eyes
Use natural methods

You can use natural methods and use ingredients available in the kitchen or garden such as: cucumber, potato, green tea, turmeric,... These ingredients contain antioxidants, brighten the skin, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation, helping to remove dark circles under eyes effectively.

2.3. Change lifestyle and habits

dark circles under eyes
Change lifestyle and habits

Changing lifestyle and living habits is essential to help remove dark circles under eyes. You need to get enough sleep, avoid staying up late and have a healthy diet to help remove dark circles under eyes and protect your health.

I hope that the above sharing from Katz Beauty will help you have immediate solutions to help reduce dark circles under eyes. Stay tuned for the next articles from Katz Beauty for more tips!



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